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Available courses

This course covers specific natural clinical protocols used in treating the following conditions:

  • Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Diverticulosis

There are a variety of important issues and protocols discussed which include:

  • Detoxification protocols
  • Food Intolerances
  • Candida
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Homeopathics
  • Herbal remedies
  • Energy Medicine and Bioresonance
  • Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Causes

The course covers some of the latest research on these topics and includes full references and bibliography, with links to PubMed abstracts and full articles

The Clinical Protocols in Holistic Medicine - Part 1 course covers many valuable gems of information for treating specific conditions using a natural approach. The information is cutting edge and will be a valued addition to any practitioner's tool kit.

This module covers the following conditions, with specific treatments that can be used:

  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS
  2. Celiac Disease
  3. Crohn's Disease

In addition to providing the supplements, herbal remedies and homeopathics that would be best suited to these conditions, backed by research, there are also lessons covering other treatment modalities such as:

  • What is Holistic Health
  • Toxicity - Underlying cause of all diseases
  • Detoxification
  • Food Intolerances
  • Candida
  • Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Roots of Disease
  • Curing with Energy Medicine

This module covers 15 lessons, with 10 assignment questions to complete after each lesson. There is also a Final Exam consisting of 50 questions.

Often sexual issues come up with clients and the Holistic practitioner should be in a position to handle the most basic of these such as erectile problems, premature ejaculation, sexual desire disorder in both gender, vaginismus and orgasmic dysfunction. This Naturopathic Sexology online course is truly unique and never before taught as the author Dr. Georgiou has coined the term ‘Naturopathic Sexology’ as a unique science. As a practicing Clinical Sexologist, Clinical Psychologist and a Doctor of Science in Alternative Medicine he combines these modalities to provide a powerful tool in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions using a Holistic Approach.

This course is designed for practitioners who wish to learn the practical aspects of Bioresonance Diagnostics and Therapy using the DETA ELIS PROFESSIONAL and PHARMA.

The course comes with a full set of videos demonstrating the full use of the PROFESSIONAL and PHARMA, as well as learning how to programme the DEVITA AP and DEVITA RITM.

The full course is taught by Dr George Georgiou, Ph.D.,D.Sc (AM).,N.D., a certified Bioresonance practitioner and trainer, will take you through VRT bioresonance testing, as well as how to use the PROFESSIONAL for diagnosing the pathogenesis of disease, as well as using the various forms of therapy including Bioresonance, Quantum light, Electromagnetic therapy, Electroacupuncture and a combination of these in what is known as Complex Therapy.

All these diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are clearly explained and demonstrated on video. 

The course also includes all the downloadable manuals for the PROFESSIONAL and PHARMA, as well as many other useful downloads explaining the whole gamut of Bioresonance diagnostics and therapy.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This course comprises of 16 lessons that all have a compulsory timed assignment at the end of them. The scores for these assignments will appear in your grade books and will count towards your final mark. There is only one attempt at the assignments so please make certain you have revised the text for each lesson well. The Final Exams should be taken when all the lessons have been completed - this is also a timed exam taken online and consists of 45 questions, all of which have been taken from the assignments. We wish you well in your studies.

This is a comprehensive and detailed course that will take you step-by-step through all the different anatomical and physiological systems of the body. The lessons maintain a superb balance between structure and function, while emphasizing the correlations between normal physiology and pathophysiology, normal anatomy and pathology, and homeostasis and homeostatic imbalances.

The Pathology for Natural Medicine course is designed to enable students and practitioners of Holistic Medicine to understand the basic principles by which orthodox medicine operates. 

It is important to denote that this course has been designed with the Holistic Medicine practitioner in mind and is not a general pathology course that one would encounter in a medical school curriculum. 

There is a wealth of information to confidently know enough pathology to make differential diagnoses and practice safely

This is a comprehensive course in Clincal or Orthomolecular Nutrition that lays down the theoretical groundwork that the practitioner will build in the Part 2 course. This covers the basic reasons for eating healthy diets as opposed to refined ones, the various nutrients required by the body to function optimally, weight management, physical fitness and nutrition, pregnancy, old age, safety of foods, food pyramids and lots more.

This course takes the practitioner beyond the theory and looks at how orthomolecular nutrition can be used in the clinical setting to help treat a variety of illnesses from headaches, migraines and digestive issues, to Candida and even cancer. Many of these protocols have been tried and tested in a clinical setting and are known to successfully work - just taking these 'clinical secrets' based on decades of work is worth its weight in gold!

This course lays down the theory of Naturopathy and examines its history and its significance in the world of healing. The student will learn in detail naturopathic protocols for detoxifying different organ systems, the use of herbs, homeopathics, nutritional supplements and other healing modalities as well as treating specific disease processes.

This is an advanced naturopathic course that looks at the details of naturopathic endocrinology - how hormonal issues can be addressed using a naturopathic approach. This is an important area as many patients in the modern world present with endocrinological problems such as thyroid, diabetes, adrenals, ovaries and more.
This course is designed for the practitioner who wants to understand Western Herbal Medicine - the basic theory, pharmacognosy, therapeutic constituents in herbs, preparation of herbal formulas, prescribing and dosages, curative herbs for many diseases as well as obtaining tried and tested formulas that have been used successfully in clinical practice over many years. There are many downloadable files and videos to facilitate the learning process.
This is a solid grounding in homeopathy with many useful gems for ‘short-cutting’ the process – includes classical and complex approaches, as well as homotoxicology. The complete course consists of 14 Lessons with over 900 pages of reading material all downloadable .pdf files that can be stored on your hard drive and reviewed even on your travels. Also included are videos of documentaries and lectures on various aspects of homeopathy.

This is a specialized course in Energy Medicine and Bioresonance covering a wide array of topics and research relating to the Energetic Anatomy of Man. It also covers the topics of Bioresonance in depth, including Bioresonance Diagnostics and Therapy, with a focus on the innovative Russian bioresonance devices invented by Dr Konoblov of the Deta Elis company.

This Bach Flower Remedies Diploma course will provide you with all the knowledge you require to become competent Bach Flower therapists and help many of your patients on an emotional, psychological and spiritual plane. You will be amazed at the power of all these remedies. There are 3 books provided as part of the reading material and material can be accessed both online and offline and stored on your hard disc for studying while traveling.

This is a content-rich course with cutting-edge research in iridology that enables the student to interact with one of the world’s most active researchers in Iridology, Professor Bryan Marcia who earned his Ph.D. in Iridology in the US. Students taking this course will be able to really immerse themselves in thousands of images of human irides, along with many real case histories. It will also be an honour and privilege to interact with one of the world’s mentors in iridology who will share their clinical experience with an open mind and a big, warm heart.

Students of Holistic Medicine cannot become good practitioners unless they learn the meaning of toxins and their effect on health, as well as the various natural procedures for mobilizing and eliminating these from the body. Tried and tested protocols will be shared with the student based on many decades of detoxification with thousands of clients in clinical settings - many of these protocols are unique and have never before been published.
This course will open up the world to nutritional microscopy so that you can analyze your patient’s blood to determine nutritional deficiencies, the status of the immune system and more. The course has been carefully structured to include all the historical elements of Professor Enderlein, as well as the more acceptable scientific aspects of microbiology that have been researched by mainstream scientists. There are many images and videos of living blood, as well as new concepts never before published such as 'Time Lapse Decay' and Zeta Potentials.

This course has the objective of bringing the basic concepts and skills needed to begin to integrate energy psychology interventions to help people with basic psychological problems. It will provide a variety of techniques and procedures that can bring about remarkably rapid changes in the way people feel and behave in the world today.

This is the fascinating study of the Korean SU JOK THERAPY - the art and science of working on the correspondence points of the hands and the feet to heal the body.

Su in Korean stands for "Hand" and Jok for "Foot" - there is no better known natural therapy that is so effective at treating all pain conditions, as well as many other conditions with often amazing results.

Learn how to identify and stimulate the painful correspondence points using different stimulators, and see how quickly symptoms respond, including pain conditions.

This is an art that all health practitioners should have in their toolbox as it is a beautifully simple approach to powerful healing!

nutrigenomicsNutritional genomics, or nutrigenomics, is the study of how foods affect our genes and how individual genetic differences can affect the way we respond to nutrients (and other naturally occurring compounds) in the foods we eat. Nutrigenomics has received much attention recently because of its potential for preventing, mitigating, or treating chronic disease, and certain cancers, through small but highly informative dietary changes. The conceptual basis for this new branch of genomic research can best be summarized by the following five tenets of nutrigenomics:

  • Under certain circumstances and in some individuals, diet can be a serious risk factor for a number of diseases. 

  • Common dietary chemicals can act on the human genome, either directly or indirectly, to alter gene expression or structure

  • The degree to which diet influences the balance between healthy and disease states may depend on an individual's genetic makeup

  • Some diet-regulated genes (and their normal, common variants) are likely to play a role in the onset, incidence, progression, and/or severity of chronic diseases. 

  • Dietary intervention based on knowledge of nutritional requirement, nutritional status, and genotype (i.e., "personalized nutrition") can be used to prevent, mitigate or cure chronic disease.

This course will allow the student to learn the art of Nutrigenomics, what are Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), how to measure them, and how to go about interpreting the results for your clients.

This course does not only focus on the theory, but is a very pragmatic course that will take the health practitioner step-by-step through all that is required to take a sample of saliva, receive the results, and use specialized software for interpreting the SNPs, as well as using nutritional knowledge to design bespoke diets, including the required food supplements for your clients. 


These guidelines are to help you structure and complete your Doctoral Dissertation which is a requirement for completing the Doctor of Science in Holistic Medicine.

Welcome to this course on meditation which is designed to prepare the student to use meditation as a self-therapy and be able to conduct classes and lead groups in meditation therapy. The course takes the student on a journey through both Eastern and Western meditation techniques, from Chakra balancing to Walking the Labyrinth. The course provides a firm foundation in meditation that may be used as the basis for further reading and self-development. To meditate is to achieve a state of cessation of conscious thought processes. It is a state of consciousness in which the mind is free of random and scattered thoughts and intrusive patterns. Meditation used as therapy is a type of mind-body medicine.

Often sexual issues come up with clients and the Holistic practitioner should be in a position to handle the most basic of these such as erectile problems, premature ejaculation, sexual desire disorders in both sexes, vaginismus and orgasmic dysfunction. This course is truly unique and never before taught as the author Dr. Georgiou has coined the term 'Naturopathic Sexology' as a unique science providing a powerful tool in the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions using a Holistic Approach.

This course will teach all that is required to interpret the results from blood, urine and saliva using pH, resistivity and redox measures. This clinical tool is crucial for the identification of nutritional and metabolic imbalances and the etiology of disease. Through the precise monitoring of the body's Biological Terrain through assessing urine, saliva and blood, valuable information may be obtained that may help individuals address underlying imbalances that may be contributing to cellular stress and lack of vitality. With this valuable information, proper nutrition, stress management and detoxification of specific toxins and poisons may be implemented. These measures, in turn, may help re-establish and support healthy cellular functioning.

This is a course that takes Iridology further into the study and interpretation of the sclera (the white of the eyes) and how this is translated into the related pathology of the patient. Sclerology is the study of the red lines in the white of the eyes and how they relate to stress-patterns in a person's health. Once you learn to interpret these lines, you will hold the key to understanding how the body is struggling or adapting to maintain balance; and thus know how to apply natural therapies to prevent problems from occurring or help the body correct problems already occurring. The course contains instructional videotapes along with substantial reading material.

This is a very clinically relevant tool that will allow the practitioner to correctly analyse and interpret hair samples from their patients to determine mineral levels and deficiencies, heavy metal status, how to implement natural heavy metal chelation programmes and monitor their progress using HTMA, how to understand the ratios between elements and their significance to health. This is really a critically important course for the Holistic practitioner who wants to use orthomolecular nutrition optimally to help their patients.